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HSA 25 Cordless Shrub/Grass Shears
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HSA 25 Cordless Shrub/Grass Shears
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HSA 25 Cordless Shrub/Grass Shears
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HSA 25 Cordless Shrub/Grass Shears
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HSA 25 Cordless Shrub/Grass Shears
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HSA 25 Cordless Shrub/Grass Shears
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HSA 25 Cordless Shrub/Grass Shears
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HSA 25 Cordless Shrub/Grass Shears

HSA 25 Cordless Shrub/Grass Shears

AS SYSTEM ICON Interchangeable Battery
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The HSA 25 battery-powered handheld shrub shears are brilliant for use in small and large gardens alike, as they make pruning small-leaved trees and shrubs so easy.

With plenty of power, the HSA 25 delivers a precise, clean finish when maintaining topiary or hedges and it also comes with a grass trimming blade so that you can make the garden neat and tidy in a flash. It all comes in a handy case to conveniently carry and store the shears, both blades, the battery and the charger.

You can also buy a separate telescopic shaft, so that you can use the grass trimming blade whilst standing up, making trimming the edges of your lawn a breeze.

  • Battery run time: up to 110 minutes


Cutting blades Cutting blades

The shrub-cutting blades are laser cut and diamond-ground and operate at a speed of 200 strokes per minute, so you can easily trim through branches up to 8 mm. The counter-rotating blades mean that the HSA 25 runs smoothly with less vibration.

Fabric carry case Fabric carry case

The fabric carry case that comes with the HSA 25 as standard means you can neatly store and transport the HSA 25, battery, charger and both blades.

Lithium-Ion battery Lithium-Ion battery

The powerful 10.8V Lithium-Ion battery is well-protected and can be easily removed and replaced.

Charger - HSA 25 Charger - HSA 25

The charger for the HSA 25 is included in the kit as standard and can be wall-mounted to save space.

Soft grip Trigger & Soft grip

The large, ergonomic trigger and the rubberised, soft-grip handle make the HSA 25 both easy to use and comfortable to hold.

Trigger lock Trigger lock

The trigger lock is a great safety feature - just switch it on and there's no risk of starting the HSA 25 by accident.

Quick-change button Quick-change button

The blades are very easy to change without using tools, thanks to the quick change buttons.


QWhat do I use the different blades for?

A: The shrub cutter is the longer blade and can be used for trimming topiary and small evergreen hedges like a traditional hedge trimmer. The grass trimming blade is perfect for edging around smaller lawns, patios and flower beds.

QWhat size branches can I cut with the shrub cutting blade?

A: You can cut branches up to 8mm in diameter.

QWhat should I wear when using the HSA 25?

We recommend that you wear goggles and sturdy boots or shoes. We also recommend that you tie back long hair.

QHow easy is it to change the blades?

A: Very simple - remove the battery first, then squeeze the orange clips on both sides of the cutting attachment to release it. To attach a different blade, insert the metal tabs on the blade into the slots on the shrub shears and press it firmly into place until you hear a click.

QCan you replace the battery on the HSA 25?

A: Yes. Here at STIHL, we provide spare parts for at least ten years after we've stopped selling a product. We don't sell these directly online, but you can get replacement parts from any of our approved STIHL dealers. Find your nearest one here:

QWill the blades need sharpening?

A: Keeping the blades sharp will give a neat cut on whatever you are trimming. If you notice that the blades are getting jammed easily or the machine is struggling, the blades may need sharpening. Our approved STIHL dealers can do this for you - find your nearest one here:

QWhat should I wear when using these shrub shears?

A: We recommend that you wear snug-fitting clothes, goggles, gloves and sturdy boots or shoes, and tie back long hair.


#1Cleaning your HSA 25

After using your HSA 25, we suggest spraying a little resin solvent, like STIHL Superclean, onto the blades to remove sap or resin, protect them from corrosion and stop them getting stuck together.

#2Using your HSA 25 as a grass trimmer

There is a telescopic shaft available which can be used with the HSA 25 - this means you don't need to bend down when using your HSA 25 as a grass trimmer.

Technical Specifications

Shrub shear blade length cm 20
Weight kg 0.6
Sound pressure level dB(A) 70
Sound power level dB(A) 80
Vibration figure m/s² 1.2
Total length cm 50
Tooth spacing mm 19
Battery run time min up to 110

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