Introducing iMow

Here at STIHL, cutting-edge technology is part of our history. With a huge research and development team working on innovative new products all the time, we like to think we know how to deliver machines that meet your needs. And what could be better than a lawn mower that cuts the grass itself?

Introducing iMow


Robotic mowers are the latest in lawncare technology and the STIHL iMow robotic mower can look after your lawn without any effort from you. The iMow is installed by a specialist dealer using a thin hidden wire around the edge of the area that needs to be mown. It can be easily set up to avoid obstacles such as flower beds, trees or sheds too.


Once installed, the iMow is fully automated – it knows how often it needs to mow to cover the whole area and when it is finished, it makes its way back to the docking station to charge itself. It even has rain sensors so it stops mowing when it’s wet!

iMow is a mulching mower, which means that it shreds the grass finely and drops it back onto the lawn. This means that you never have to empty the grass box and the clippings also act as a natural and free fertiliser – it nourishes the lawn as it mows!

iPhone appWith seven different models in the range, capable of cutting lawns of up to 5000m2, there is an iMow to suit you. There’s even an app-controlled version, so you can send your iMow out to cut the grass, change the mowing plan or send it back to the docking station, with the touch of a button on your phone!

iMow also comes with a 5 year domestic warranty so you can be confident that your iMow will deliver a lush lawn with no effort from you for years to come.

To find out more about iMow, visit or find your nearest iMow installer.