RE 100 Compact Pressure Washer
RE 100 Compact Pressure Washer
RE 100 Compact Pressure Washer

RE 100 Compact Pressure Washer

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The RE 100 has a durable and quiet induction motor, so you can get on with the job in hand quietly, quickly and efficiently. Whether you are using the fan jet nozzle to clean larger areas, or using the rotary nozzle for concentrated cleaning, you'll be able to reach every little corner with the 6-metre long high-pressure mesh hose. The RE 100 also comes with a detergent spray set, which can be attached to the spray lance, so that you can use detergent on those areas of ingrained dirt.

All STIHL Pressure Cleaners come with a 3 year domestic warranty.


Aluminum pump head Aluminum pump head

The high pressure pump on the RE 100 is also extremely durable, as it is made of aluminium with stainless steel pistons to make it extremely resilient.

Integrated chassis Integrated chassis

The integrated chassis on the RE 100 means that it can be effortlessly wheeled into tight spaces or moved over long distances.

Accessory storage Accessory storage

Convenient storage of accessories (including optional accessories, e.g. rotating wash brush), directly on the device. So, when you need it, everything is right at your fingertips and you need less time to set up.

Anti-drill and quick release coupling Anti-drill and quick release coupling

The anti-drill and quick release coupling on the RE 100 prevents the hose from getting tangled so that you can use its full length.

Plug-in coupling Plug-in coupling

The RE 100 has a plug-in coupling on the nozzle system so you can change the nozzle simply and quickly.

Detergent spray set Detergent spray set

Included as standard, the detergent spray bottle can be attached to the spray lance so that you can add detergent for those stubborn areas of dirt.

Rotary nozzle Rotary nozzle

The rotary jet nozzle has a powerful pencil jet that can be concentrated on particular areas where dirt has built up.

Fan-jet nozzle Fan-jet nozzle

The fan jet nozzle delivers variable pressure and can be used to cover large surface areas quickly.

Induction motor Induction motor

The induction motor on the RE 100 is quiet and has a long service life.


QHow long is the cable on the RE 100?

A: The cable on the RE 100 is 5 metres long

QWhat should I wear when using this pressure washer?

A: We recommend that you wear goggles and sturdy boots or shoes.

QWhat should I use the different nozzles for?

A: The fan jet nozzle is designed for cleaning cars, machines and surfaces such as floors, roofs and walls. The rotary nozzle is designed to remove stubborn dirt off hard-wearing surfaces.

QWhere can I buy other accessories and detergent for my RE 100?

A: You can buy official STIHL detergents and accessories, such as surface cleaners, wash brushes, foam nozzles and hose extensions from our approved STIHL dealers.


#1Storing your RE 100

Store the machine in a dry room where it is protected from frost

Technical Specifications

Power consumption kW 1.7
Operating pressure bar 10-110
Maximum pressure bar 1) 120
Min. water throughput l/h 380
Max. water throughput l/h 440
Max. water supply temperature °C 40
Weight kg 2) 16.5
Power cable length m 5
High-pressure hose length m 6
Sound pressure level dB(A) 3) 67
Sound power level dB(A) 3) 81
Engine speed min-1 2,850
Mains voltage V/Hz 230/1-/50

1) Maximum pressure system
2) Complete, ready for use
3) K factor according to DIR2006/42/EC=1.5(dB(A))

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