AL 101 Cordless Battery Charger
AL 101 Cordless Battery Charger

AL 101 Cordless Battery Charger

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The AL 101 is a great value charger for the AK 10, 20 and 30 batteries that are used in the AK and AP Cordless Systems.

It features an LED indicator to let you know whether the battery is charging or not, and can be easily mounted to the wall for easy access to to free up space on your worktops. It also have passive cooling technology to prevent the battery from over-heating.


LED charge level indicator LED charge level indicator

There are four LEDs on the battery to indicate the charge level of the battery. Simply press the button to see how much battery life is left.

Passive cooling technology

The passive cooling on the charger prevents the battery from over-heating whilst charging.


QWhat batteries can I charge using this charger?

You can charge all of the batteries used in the AK and AP Cordless System (the AK 10, AK 20 and AK 30).

QHow long does it take to charge a battery?

The charging time depends on which battery you are charging - it takes 80 minutes to fully charge an AK 10, 150 minutes to fully charge an AK 20 and 205 minutes to fully charge an AK 30.


#1Looking after your charger

Don't use a damp or wet battery in your tools and avoid using them in extreme temperatures (very hot or very cold). To find out more about looking after your battery, read our blog post.

#2Storing your charger

Store your charger in a clean, dry place, out of the reach of children.

Technical Specifications

Weight kg 0.7
AK 10 Charge time (min) 80
AK 20 Charge time (min) 150
AK 30 Charge time (min) 205
Charging current A 1.6
Power output kW 0.1
1) Charge time in minutes to 100% capacity
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