AP (Pro) Cordless System Battery
AP (Pro) Cordless System Battery
AP (Pro) Cordless System Battery

AP (Pro) Cordless System Battery

AP SYSTEM ICON PRO Interchangeable Battery | View Range
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Compatible with the tools in the STIHL PRO Cordless Power System, the AP series are lightweight 36 V Lithium-Ion batteries. They feature a charge level indicator on the top with four LEDs so you can see how much charge you have left quickly and easily, at the touch of a button. 

  • Run time on recommended battery The run time for this battery depends on which tool you are using it in.


LED charge level indicator

There are four LEDS on the battery to indicate the charge level of the battery. Simply press the button to see how much battery life is left.

Intelligent electronics

STIHL batteries feature an intelligent battery management system - this clever technology gives a constant level of power whether the battery is 100% charged or 1% charged. To find out more about the intelligent electronics in our battery, check out our blog post.


QWhat tools can I use this battery in?

This battery will fit in any of the tools in the PRO Cordless System, including the FSA 65 and FSA 85 grass trimmers, HSA 66 and HSA 86 hedge trimmers, BGA 85 leaf blower and the RMA 438 RT and RMA 2 RT lawn mowers.

QHow long does it take to charge?

Using the AL 101 charger, you can fully charge the AP 100 battery in 100 minutes, or you can charge it to 80% in 75 minutes. Using the AL 300 quick charger takes 45 minutes to reach 100% and 30 minutes to reach 80%.


#1Looking after your battery

Don't use a damp or wet battery in your tools and avoid using them in extreme temperatures (very hot or very cold). To find out more about looking after your battery, read our blog post.

#2Storing your battery

Take your battery out of the tool you have used it in and store it separately in a clean, dry place out of direct sunlight and ideally in some packaging, such as cardboard, to protect it, at a temperature between -10°C and 50°C. Don't forget to keep it out of reach of children.

Technical Specifications

Battery cell technology Lithium-Ion
AP 100 Battery weight kg 0.9
AP 100 Battery energy Wh
AP 100 Rated voltage (V) V
AP 200 Battery weight kg
AP 200 Battery energy Wh
AP 200 Rated voltage (V) V
AP 300 Battery weight kg
AP 300 Battery energy Wh
AP 300 Rated voltage (V) V


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