Smart Connector 2 A
Smart Connector 2 A
Smart Connector 2 A
Smart Connector 2 A

Smart Connector 2 A

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STIHL connected is an innovative way to manage your fleet of tools electronically, either in the STIHL Connected App or STIHL Connected Portal. With the STIHL Connected System, you receive maintenance prompts, keep a digital record of all the maintenance and servicing of each tool, plus gain an extensive overview of how much all the tools have been used.

Smart Connector 2A is designed to be connected directly into the module of selected AP System tools and gives a higher level of information than the standard STIHL Smart Connector. Using its internal clock and the direct connection to the tools, it not only records daily working times, but can also tell you the power levels the tool has been used at, advise the status of components within the tool and signal to you if there is a potential maintenance requirement via the LED lights on the tool. The real time clock in Smart Connector 2A means several days of data can be stored until the next time the tool is connected to the App. You can also see which tools are nearby via the App; handy if you want to make sure the van has been fully loaded or all the tools are now in the workshop. If you have multiple machines in the workshop but want to quickly find one for servicing, the light on one of smart connectors can be activated so you can see which one it is, instead of checking multiple serial numbers.

Once a working day or week is complete, data can be downloaded from Smart Connector 2A to the STIHL Connected App via Bluetooth®. The data is transferred to the cloud and can then be viewed in both the App as well as the STIHL Connected Pro Portal on a desktop PC, where you have a full digital record of your tool fleet, including their current status and maintenance record. All the data in the STIHL Connected Pro Portal is simple to navigate and easy to extract into an excel file so it could be shared with others in the business.

All the data from the tools can be used to make better informed business decisions. Not only is this all information useful for choosing tools to use and maintain, but it's particularly beneficial when looking to replace tools as it gives more information to help you decide which particular tools you need to replace or, if something is not getting much use, replace with a different model. You can even use it to help operators manage battery life, by checking and training them on which battery power levels to use for certain jobs.

You can also choose to share the tool data with you preferred STIHL Approved Dealer, so they can be prepared for your machines coming in for service, see what tasks are due and if you choose to, allow them to contact you for a better overall service experience.

Smart Connector 2A is compatible with MSA 300 Chainsaw, BGA 300 blower, KMA 135 R Kombi tool, HLA 135 long reach hedgetrimmer, FSA 135 and FSA 135 R brushcutters, HTA 135 pole pruner, HSA 130 R and HSA 130 T hedge trimmers and the RGA 140 brushcutter. Smart Connector 2A is not compatible with any other STIHL tools and cannot be fitted to non-STIHL machinery. If you want to fit a smart connector to another STIHL tool or another brand tool, please use the standard Smart Connector.

As a professional landscaper, forester or arborist with a fleet of tools, STIHL connected makes tool management and maintenance simple.


QHow do you use STIHL connected?

A: It's very simple. First, download the STIHL Connected App on iOS or Google Play and sign up for an account. Next, open the app and get your machines set up. You will be asked what product you want to connect. For some newer STIHL products, you will be able to connect them by scanning the QR code on the machine. If there is no QR code, you'll need to manually input the model and serial number. At this stage, you'll need to add the STIHL Smart Connector 2 A to your machine. There is a slot specifically designed for the Smart Connector 2 A on the AP System tools that it is compatible with. Simply unscrew the slot cover on your machine, push the Connector 2 A into the slot and screw it on. 

QWhat can I see on the app?

A: You will then be able to see a complete list of your machines, their status and their servicing schedules. You'll also be able to see which machines are “Nearby” in Bluetooth range of your device.

QWho is the STIHL connected portal for?

A: The portal is specifically designed for professional users, who have a fleet of tools to manage.

QWhat can I see on the portal?

A: The portal has a dashboard, which displays a wide range of information, including periods of work, productivity of machinery, operating time, last product locations, upcoming maintenance and repairs and tool status.

QWhich tools can I use Smart connector 2 A with?

A: You can only use the Smart connector 2 A with the BGA 300, MSA 300, RGA 140, HSA 130 R, HSA 130 T, HLA 135, FSA 135, FSA 135 R, KMA 135 R and HTA 135.

Technical Specifications

Connectivity Bluetooth 5.1
Length mm 61
Width mm
height mm
Weight g

STIHL Factory


Andreas Stihl founds an engineering office in Stuttgart and develops his own chainsaw.

STIHL Logo 1928


STIHL becomes a brand. The name represents the ceaseless quest of the engineer and company founder Andreas Stihl to ease the heavy labour of forestry work with his inventions.

STIHL Chainsaw 1930


STIHL presents his portable petrol-powered chainsaw at the Leipzig trade fair – it is well received and orders flow in from across Europe.

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