RME 235 Electric Lawn Mower
RME 235 Electric Lawn Mower
RME 235 Electric Lawn Mower
RME 235 Electric Lawn Mower

RME 235 Electric Lawn Mower

Corded Electric Tool
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This lightweight and compact electric lawn mower has a 33cm cutting width and an easy-opening 30 litre grass catcher box that make this a perfect mower for smaller lawns up to 300m².

Weighing only 13kg, the RME 235 is so easy to move around smaller gardens, and has a height adjustable handlebar so you can adjust it to suit your height and make mowing more comfortable.

This great value mower even includes handy little features such as the integrated cable strain relief, which helps make sure that the extension lead stays securely connected, and the grass level indicator, so you know exactly when to empty the grass box, which make it the ideal electric lawn mower for smaller lawns.


Highlift blade Highlift blade

The highlift blade delivers a precise finish on your lawn and helps make sure the grass box is filled right to the brim, by creating a strong air current around the blade and into the grass catcher box.

Innovative grass catcher box Innovative grass catcher box

The plastic grass catcher box is designed to open like a clam shell - simply unclip it and hold the box over the bin or compost heap using the handles on both sides to pull it open. The box also has downward-facing vents on all sides to direct any dust or grass towards the ground when you're mowing.

Smooth running wheels Smooth running wheels

The wheels on the RME 235 are extremely hard-wearing and have a traction pattern that makes it easy to hold a perfectly straight line when mowing.

Integrated cable strain relief Integrated cable strain relief

The built-in strain relief stops the cable from pulling when mowing and helps it to stay securely connected to your extension lead.

Central cutting-height adjustment Central cutting-height adjustment

It's easy to adjust the cutting height of the mower in one easy movement with the spring loaded lever. There are five different heights to choose from between 25 and 65mm.

Carrying handle Carrying handle

A carrying handle has been built into the body of the mower to make it easy to transport.

Adjustable handlebar Adjustable handlebar

The handlebar is both height-adjustable to suit your height, and foldable for easy storage.


QWhat size garden will it maintain?

A: The RME 235 is ideal for lawns up to 300m².

QWhat should I wear when using this mower?

A: We recommend that you wear sturdy boots or shoes and snug-fitting clothes.

QHow big is the grass catcher box?

A: The RME 235 has a 30 litre grass catcher box.

QWill the blade need sharpening?

A: Keeping the blade sharp will give you a precise finish on your lawn. If you notice that the tips of the grass look torn after mowing and the cut isn't as neat, the blade may need sharpening. Our approved STIHL dealers can do this for you - find your nearest dealer

QWhat is the cutting width of the RME 235?

A: It has a cutting width of 33cm.

QHow do I know when the grass box is full?

A: Just keep an eye on the grass level indicator on the top of the catcher box - when the flap drops down, the box is full and should be emptied.


#1Cleaning your RME 235

When you have finished using the mower, unplug the mower and clean using a damp cloth or soft brush. Always wear gloves and tie back long hair when cleaning or maintaining your mower.

#2Storing your RME 235

Store your RME 235 in a clean and dry area away from children at all times. Don't forget you can fold the handle over and put the grass box on top so it takes up less space.

#3Check for wildlife

Don’t forget to check your work area for wildlife before starting to use your tool. In particular, you should check for nesting birds before trimming hedges, as well as checking for other small animals such as hedgehogs before trimming long grass.

Technical data

Lawns m² up to 300
Cutting width cm 33
Cutting height 5-settings (central)
Cutting height mm 25-65
Working speed U/min 3.200
Nominal output W 1.200
Grass catcher box l 30
Weight kg 14
Guaranteed sound power level LWAd [dB(A)] dB(A) 93
Uncertainty factor KpA [dB(A)] dB(A) 2
Vibration value ahw m/s² 1.4
Uncertainty factor K m/s² 0.7
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